Home Buyers Guide

When the time comes that you start seriously considering purchasing a property there are a few things you must be aware of before you start your search for your dream home.

Deciding you are ready to buy a house doesn’t just mean touring homes for a few hours and assuming you can easily secure a property.

Before you can even think about making an offer, you must first figure out what you can afford, and how you are going to conduct your purchase. When you work with Realty Experts, we make the home buying process easy.

Not only do we have an abundance of experienced local real estate agents that can help you into the right home and community, but we offer a plethora of resources and connections, from financing, insurance agents and a wide variety of trusted vendors.

We’re here to guide you through the entire process and ensure that your transaction is seamless from start to finish.

"What exactly does the home buying process look like?"

Meeting with a mortgage lender begins the process of shopping for a home. Before you have your initial sit down you will want to be comfortable with your credit score and stream of income.

Your lender will go over the general guidelines and terms of a home loan, interest rates and help to qualify you for a mortgage. It is important that you get pre approved so that you are able to make an offer on the spot without fear of rejection.

Once you are aware of what you can afford on the market you should prepare for both the purchase of the home and the expenses that are to follow for the duration of your ownership.

Realty Experts works hand in hand with a large number of local lenders that will find a mortgage fit for you while providing exceptional service.

Why use an agent?

Using a real estate agent to purchase a home is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure your investment is lucrative and worthwhile. At Realty Experts our highly-trained professionals work around the clock to negotiate on your behalf, get you the most for your budget and protect you from any potential hazards that you might encounter. Another benefit of working with a realtor to buy a house is that other than the cost of your property, you do not owe a commission as a buyer as this is normally a fee to the seller.

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